Hi. I’m Andrew. I’m an independent author (that’s the fancy dressed up term for “self-published”) living in Indiana with my wife, kid, and soon to be second kid.

Don’t bother looking me up on the Amazon. I got my start in erotica in 2014 during the KU1.0 gold rush and transitioned to romance about a year later. Which is to say there isn’t a single thing published under my name out there in the world as of this writing.

Romance readers tend to want to read a lady name. In the interest of keeping food on the table I’m reluctant to reveal which lady pen name(s) are mine until I have a solid income that keeps food on the table from something under my own name.

And that’s what this site is all about. I’m launching a few projects this year under my name for the first time. I also wanted an outlet where I can talk about what I’m up to and life as a full time creative.

It can be a lonely existence at times since it’s just you all by your lonesome in your home office. This is an outlet to the world.

Mostly, though, this has to do with my dad. He started losing weight rapidly last year, but he said he was on a diet so no one thought anything of it. Then in August they found a mass on his liver. A mass that had spread to other parts of his body. He was told to get his affairs in order and do anything he wanted to do fast one week. Went on a vacation to Florida the second week. Came home the third week because he couldn’t handle it and wasn’t all there mentally. Went into the hospital and got the diagnosis of terminal cancer. By the end of week four he was gone.

It was a slap in the face from mortality. Watching someone go like that is heartbreaking. I didn’t share my romance pen names with anyone but my wife for the reasons outlined above, and I was sad that my dad never got a chance to read something I wrote. I always figured I’d do something under my name someday, but that someday didn’t come fast enough for him.

In short I realized life’s too short. If I have projects rattling around in the back of my head then I need to do them now. Not keep putting them off. If I want to talk about life as a creative then there’s no time like the present, because who knows if tomorrow is going to be waiting for me? It’s certainly going to come, but there’s no guarantee any of us will be there to see it.

So here we are. I’m starting a new leg of my journey as a full time creative type, and I’ll be writing all about it here!