It’s been a busy few months since the last time I wrote a post on here. I’d feel bad about the length of time, but at this point no one is reading this and I’m not selling anything so that assuages the guilt a bit.

I’ve been busy though! My daughter was born at the beginning of June and that’s been taking up a good chunk of my life for the past couple of weeks. She hasn’t been taking up near as much of my time as she’s been taking up my wife’s time, but one of the nice things about working for corporate America is you get paid time off for having a kid.

That’s one of the few downsides I’ve found to this self-employed writer gig. Most of the time the flexibility is a wonderful thing, but there’s another side to that I didn’t realize until my dad went into the hospital last year.

A lot of people have jobs that will continue to pay them if they need to take vacation time. If you’re an indie creative of any sort then you’re stuck in a different situation where if you don’t work you (eventually) don’t make money. Granted it takes some time, but the threat is still there.

The longest I’ve taken off without working much at all was back when my dad got sick in 2016. Even after he passed I wasn’t firing on all cylinders for a couple of months after, and the slump showed in my pocket book. The good news is it was a nice experiment that let me see how long I could go and still make a livable income.

By the end of September 2016 I hadn’t dipped below my monthly financial failsafe point despite not putting anything out for a month.

I know I don’t have much to complain about here either. There are a lot of people who are in this situation working jobs that are a lot shittier than being self-employed as a writer. I know I didn’t think about it until I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t work for an extended length.

I was fine, but it’s always good to think about. For you planning ahead might be the difference between making it or not in a given month, and you never know when the universe is going to give you a kick in the nuts.