Hi and welcome! My name’s Andrew, and I’ve been a full time writer since February of 2015. I’ve been bad about writing on this site, but that’s going to change as I switch up my writing strategy for 2019-2020.

What do I write?

I got my start writing erotica when that was the thing for a hot minute in 2014, particularly with the bump that Kindle Unlimited 1.0 provided for erotica shorts, then shifted to writing lesbian romance under the pen name Mia Archer. I also had some fleeting success writing science fiction romance under the pen name C.F. Harris, but Mia has been my most successful pen name by far.

Why a pen name?

Because that’s how it was done at the time, I guess? That was the advice: “if you write romance then write under a female pseudonym.”

Another part of it was I was still working a day job when I got my start, and I wasn’t sure if the whole writing thing would ever be more than a side gig. I also had clients at the day job who might look sideways at someone writing erotica and romance.

I very quickly started making more at writing than I did at my day job and didn’t have to worry about what people at that job thought of my side gig once it became my full time gig, but at that point I had the pen name I had.

Why step out from behind the curtain now?

There are a few reasons, but the main one is I’m tired of hiding behind a pen name. I’ve had a lot of fun writing books that a lot of people enjoyed, I’ve made a successful career out of it, and I want to be able to tell the world.

I’ve also seen other guys writing lesbian fiction lately. The most notable is Benjamin Medrano who has been showing up in the Also Boughts at Amazon for a lot of my books. After having a chat with him I felt like the time was right.

I’d also like to be able to interact with fans and other authors. I never did much under Mia aside from putting books out and letting my mailing list know what was going on. I didn’t want to be inauthentic by making up a whole new person who never existed.

So the solution? I’m going to start adding my name as a coauthor on SFF lesfic books. I’ll interact with the world through this site while still putting out the books that everyone loves under my name and my pen name!

I plan on starting to release other books in different genres, and it’s difficult managing a bunch of pen names at once. Especially as prolific as I am. So this site will act as an umbrella for my projects. I can centralize marketing and social media while differentiating the genre I’m writing in with pen names.

Introducing me. Again.

So hi. I’m Andrew. I’m also Mia Archer, author of bestselling LGBT fiction like Villains Don’t Date Heroes! I was C.F. Harris once upon a time, author of the bestselling Star Warrior series. I’ve also written erotica in a few niches over the years. Whether you’re an old fan of some of my work under those pen names, or someone coming to this site for the first time, it’s nice to meet you!