Month: March 2020

Daily Summary 3/21/2020 and 3/22/2020

It was a busy weekend, though of course there’s not much to tell the weekend from weekdays now that the kiddos are home all the time. Usually I could tell when it was Saturday or Sunday because my wife and kids were home, but now with the quarantine that’s changed!

I still got some work done in the evenings though. Here’s a summary for both days since I didn’t get around to writing a post yesterday.


  1. Didn’t get any writing done.
  2. Revised 7090 words.
  3. Revised one chapter of the Spellcraft audiobook.
  4. Recorded one chapter of the Spellcraft audiobook.


  1. Dictated 5239 words.
  2. Revised 11062 words.
  3. Didn’t get any recording in

All in all it was a decently productive weekend!

Daily Summary: 3/20/2020

I missed the update for 3/19, but honestly I didn’t get a whole lot done that day. Having the kiddos home because of the quarantine means there are days when I get a lot done, and days when there’s not much at all getting accomplished. Everyone’s gonna have to learn to be flexible in these trying times, but I count my blessings that I’m able to take care of the kiddos and still do my job!

So for 3/20/2020 I:

  1. Wrote and dictated 10225 first draft words.
  2. Revised 8085 words.
  3. Recorded one episode of a writing podcast I’m working on.
  4. Edited one chapter of the Spellcraft audiobook I’m working on.
  5. Recorded one chapter of the Spellcraft audiobook.
  6. Sent out advance copies of Spellcraft to interested people from my lesfic ARC list.

Not a bad day of productivity considering my work from home environment has drastically changed in the past week! I’ve learned to have my computer out on the kitchen island and ready to go so I can squeeze some work in when the kids are distracted, and I’ve worked with my wife so we can both balance our work from home time.

In other news: Spellcraft, linked above if you want to check it out, launched earlier this week and is doing very well for a book released with zero promo under a new pen name with no mailing list push!

Daily summary: 3/18/2020

The world is going crazy right now and I’m adjusting to having my wife and kids at home, so I figured there’s never been a better time for starting up these daily summary threads to keep me accountable!

So here’s what I got done on the day that was March 18, 2020:

  1. I helped my eldest and got through all of his elearning assignments for the day.
  2. Dictated 7605 words of my 7500 goal for the day.
  3. Revised 10337 words.
  4. Recorded two chapters for an audiobook version of a GameLit story I hit publish on.
  5. Refreshed my KDP page throughout the day wondering what was taking so long for my GameLit story to publish.

All in all I’d call it a pretty productive day considering I have two kids at home and my wife working from home indefinitely!

Plagiarist targeting Royal Road authors

Just what it says on the tin, folks. Click over to a forum post from Royal Road about a serial plagiarist who is taking free stories posted on Royal Road, adding a bit of window dressing, and posting it on Amazon as their own content.

The good news is if you ever find yourself in this situation Amazon is very good at responding to DMCA takedown notices. I’ve had someone copy my content before and the stuff was down within a day of me submitting a takedown notice.

The bad news is the people on Royal Road probably won’t be able to go after this person for damages unless they registered their copyright, which is unlikely if they were posting it on a chapter by chapter basis on a free publishing site. Remember kids: the DMCA makes copyright yours at the moment of creation, but you only get to go after someone for damages if you pay to register that copyright!

Does this mean you shouldn’t post to free sites like Royal Road? Not necessarily. They can be a good way to gather attention. I’ve personally found that it’s better to try and build an audience on the paying platform you want to eventually publish on rather than trying to build an audience on a site where people are accustomed to free and you try to convert them to paying, but there are people who’ve made it work.

So if you’re popular on Royal Road beware and keep an eye out for your work appearing under a different byline on Amazon or other ebook retailers!