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Explore the world, meet new and interesting monsters, and kill them for their loot.

It was a tale as old as gaming, and it bored Conlan to death. He always had more fun finding little chinks in a game’s code. Figuring out how to exploit systems within a game and turn them to his advantage.

Lately he’d been using those skills to mess with Horizon Online Entertainment. He figured screwing those bastards over in the court of public opinion was the least he owed the corporate pricks for killing his sister since they were never going to get justice from the real courts where that justice went to the highest bidder.

Only now there’s a whole new digital battlefield opening up: Lotus Online. The greatest and most immersive VRMMO ever created, and Horizon is trying to invade that world and take it over the same as they’ve taken over everything else.

But Conlan has a secret weapon. He’s discovered something in Lotus no one else has. Spellcrafting. The chink in Lotus’s armor. It’s a crafting system that might just allow him to take over the game world and kick Horizon out. Assuming he can survive all the Horizon assholes trying to kill him long enough to pull off the greatest exploit of his gaming career!